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We're a fun bunch of communication creators, constantly on the lookout for people with passion who have what it takes to join us. Here's a small cheat-list to give you an idea of what we look for in an eligible candidate.
No, we don’t get everything right at once. We love to keep pushing ourselves until we deliver our best.
Fun loving
Equally passionate about the projects, brainstorming sessions and team-outings you participate in, as you are about your favourite Netflix shows.
Curiosity is that one virtue that we believe makes us better creators. We ask a lot of questions and also admire those who do.
We believe that in order to become a good designer, one must be willing to share knowledge and ideas, and not hoard them.

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Visual Designer
EXPERIENCE - 1-2 years
If you are a dreamer with a keen eye for detail, specializing in stunning visual imagery. If you are imaginative and can translate communication into design, then connect with us by sending in your application.
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UI/UX Designer
EXPERIENCE - 1-2 years
If making an impact by focusing on user-behavior is your thing, you have come to the right place. You’ll be responsible for bringing out the teeny-weeny intricacies and specifics of design, while keeping in mind the psychology of consumers.
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EXPERIENCE - 1-2 years
If you love using your words to craft stories, paint people’s imagination and make compelling arguments. If the thought of creating impactful and meaningful content excites you, then get connected with us by sending in your application.
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UI Developer
EXPERIENCE - 1-2 years
If you're someone who enjoys turning aesthetic website designs into fully-functional, feature-filled websites, you have come to the right place. We are looking for people who have got a keen eye for tech, coding, website functionality and design responsiveness.
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Social Media Specialist
EXPERIENCE - 1-2 years
If you are curious, data driven, have an analytical mind to observe behavioral psychology towards creativity - get connected with us. We are looking for fast-paced, digital marketing enthusiasts.
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If you are a person
who can’t be boxed

Drop us a mail with your resume and a cover-letter explaining what you’d like to do and why
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Gone are the days when internship was synonymous with delivering coffee. At Pichkaari, you will be treated like an adult who gets real-time projects. If you think that you can add as much value to our team, as we can add to your resume - go ahead and apply to us, and we'll get in touch with you soon.
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